Twinkle Borge for governor!

Yes, it sounds very far-fetched, and it probably won’t happen.

But let’s think about it.

The field of candidates varies from lackluster to putrid.  There’s an enormous homelessness crisis that none of them seem to have a real grasp on.

We need leadership, experience, and dedication.  Mostly leadership.  Immediately.

Twinkle Borge, the dictator-by-consent of the ragged Waianae Boat Harbor squatter camp has those qualities, along with a certain unconventional charisma and comportment that’s allowed her to instill order in the unique encampment with a constituency ranging from vulnerable children to outlaws.

It’s a rough type of order, and not exactly progress.  But there has undoubtedly been a sense of stability.

Twinkle has no mainstream political experience.  But that’s never stopped anyone.  Just look at that guy in Washington with the funny hair.

Most of all, Twinkle has a convincing aura of sincerity that’s decidedly lacking among the announced candidates for governor.

In a political environment that’s so often adrift in narrow self-interest and petty squabbles, Twinkle could be just the force that’s needed to shake people up and get things moving.

She should run.

She could draw attention to homelessness and make it the major campaign issue that it certainly should be, force the others to come up with some workable plans, and propose some common-sense solutions.

She could drive the discussion.  She could make a real difference.

And, at the very least, she could probably extract some meaningful assistance for the people she’s led so far.

That’s more than the others seem capable of doing.

Run, Twinkle, run!


2 thoughts on “Twinkle Borge for governor!

  1. Aloha
    My wife and I are visiting from Australia later this month, and would like to make a donation to Puuhonua o Waianae, and hopefully visit. How do we arrange this please,
    Sorry we missed your open day earlier in the year

    Regards, Stephen


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