This cannot become the new normal.

Not in Honolulu.


10 thoughts on “Home?

  1. one rarely mentioned aspect which acerbates the slide into homelessness is the State’s severely faltering DHS system, which is so inept and incapable of maintaining even the most basic necessary functions such as providing / mailing pertinent info so those qualified for public assistance can maintain their monthly monetary allowances without interruption. the rent is not something that can be messed with, one miscue and the housed are suddenly on the streets with little hope of reclaiming that sheltered existence. this Dept. needs to be completely reexamined and overhauled to improve their capabilities in helping those hurting and keep them in their homes instead of carelessly contributing to the suffering masses.


    1. I’m homeless on Maui, the state has all these grand plan’s for housing. All we need are sanitary locations where the state can place 50 or so uniform tents, porti ponies. Old swimming pool in Kahului would make an excellent spot. Also don’t lock up the public’s restrooms at night saving the cost of locking and unlocking them.


      1. I agree with you on the Idea of a location to have instead of all over the place,I realize that the homeless need somewhere to go.


  2. Thank you for creating this website. As a 10 year resident of the Downtown/Chinatown area, I am completely frustrated with the lack of attention our political and government agencies are giving the homeless/vagrant problem in our neighborhood and across the islands. Every election year they roll out their “new plan”, then, once elected, fail to take any action on it. Even worse is the lack of effort by the HPD to enforce ANY laws against the street-dwelling populations, giving them an “above the law” status, that they fully take advantage of. I understand the argument that homelessness is not a crime, but unequal application of the law and ignoring enforcement of violation just because some “smells bad and I don’t want them in my squad car” or “they don’t have any money so why should I waste my time” is a crime against the citizens of our island. Its time for the Police and the DHS to get to the job they are paid to do, and get out of their squad cars and out from behind their desks and start approaching the homeless camps, conduct investigations and find solutions to help those they find there, and in doing so, will greatly help the entire community and make our islands a better place for all.

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