City bungling housing assistance program

In the midst of Honolulu’s devastating homelessness crisis, the city government is poorly managing a housing subsidy program for the needy and failing to reach out to landlords to make more affordable rental housing available, according to a new audit. The Civil Beat website has a good report on the audit.  Some excerpts: “The audit … More City bungling housing assistance program

Kamamalu drug bums FINALLY evicted?

It looks like authorities may finally be getting serious about clearing the drug bums, hookers, and squatters out of poor Kamamalu Playground near Royal Elementary School. They’ve removed the entrenched colony from the restroom building and encircled it with one of those orange temporary fences.  That’s pretty smart, because before they just hosed it down … More Kamamalu drug bums FINALLY evicted?

Failed government FINALLY to address deplorable Aiea bike path mess

So it turns out that the Easter Bunny is not the authority in charge of law enforcement at Blaisdell Park and along the Pearl Harbor Bike Path, which have been totally out of control and overrun by squatters and meth heads for years and years and years. The city is actually responsible for a city … More Failed government FINALLY to address deplorable Aiea bike path mess

How hard can it really be to enforce laws in parks?

The Honolulu City Council is kicking around a proposal to create a new city agency with armed rangers to enforce laws in city parks. That may sound nice and reasonable, but we already have armed police officers who can do the same thing.  The problem is that they too often don’t bother. Cops have a … More How hard can it really be to enforce laws in parks?

Will vehicular squatters outfox cops?

The homeless vehicle dwellers parked along Beretania Street near the Japanese Cultural Center in Moiliili haven’t budged since cops finally figured out that they could issue tickets for illegal camping in vehicles, and the question now is whether anything will be done about it. Will authorities engage the campers and explain to them that their … More Will vehicular squatters outfox cops?

Wahiawa ‘Ice Palace’ drug bums FINALLY get booted

After years of doing nothing to stop the surly bums who turned an abandoned house on Ohai Place in Wahiawa into a notorious drug den dubbed the “Ice Palace,” authorities finally got off their duffs and started removing the abandoned cars and piles of crap that were blocking the sidewalk and wrecking the neighborhood. Why … More Wahiawa ‘Ice Palace’ drug bums FINALLY get booted

‘Plantation village’ for homeless makes another big splash

A groundbreaking ceremony was staged yesterday for the new modular housing development for the homeless near Keehi Lagoon, and a few new facts emerged, along with some new questions. The project’s developer is on the board of directors of the newspaper, for one thing.  That could obviously lead to some self-censorship or uncritical promotion, but … More ‘Plantation village’ for homeless makes another big splash

‘Plantation village’ for homeless moving ahead

I’ve been wondering whatever happened to the much-publicized plan to construct plantation-style modular housing for homeless families near Keehi Lagoon. It seemed like not much was going on over there since the plan was announced more than one year ago, besides expansion of the illegal squatter encampments that have been on the site and around … More ‘Plantation village’ for homeless moving ahead

Drug bums get free maid service

The tragicomedy of Kamamalu Playground continued this weekend, emblematic of the systemic failure to get our public parks under control and keep them safe and clean for everyone. Maintenance crews descended on the playground’s long-waylaid restroom structure and briefly displaced the dozens of drug-squatters and their piles of junk.  Most of them simply moved a … More Drug bums get free maid service