‘Hard-core homeless are taking over’


A column in today’s newspaper pretty much nailed it:  Although many Honolulu residents have plenty of compassion for homeless people who are just down on their luck, and truly want to help them, there is also growing frustration and anger about the inability and unwillingness of officials to do something about the growing number of belligerent druggies who have taken over and trashed so many public spaces.

We’re sick and tired of it, and don’t want to hear any more stupid excuses.

And we’re sick and tired of having public amenities taken away from the general public because bums and druggies are a problem and shutting things down or closing them off is easier for the authorities than reasonable enforcement.

That’s infuriating.

And anyone who wants an unvarnished look at how far things have degenerated in downtown Honolulu should check out chinatownwatch.com.

Warning:  Don’t look if you don’t have a strong stomach.

But that’s today’s Honolulu.

Iolani slum


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