Kamamalu drug bums FINALLY evicted?

Kamamalu 6

It looks like authorities may finally be getting serious about clearing the drug bums, hookers, and squatters out of poor Kamamalu Playground near Royal Elementary School.

They’ve removed the entrenched colony from the restroom building and encircled it with one of those orange temporary fences.  That’s pretty smart, because before they just hosed it down and let the bums move right back in with all their crap.

Authorities also even removed the multiple tents and hovels from the park grounds along Queen Emma Street.

The action appears to have actually been coordinated with the big state push to clear squatter encampments from the H-1 freeway and Nimitz Highway corridors.

Three questions:  Why the hell did it take so long to get serious about Kamamalu Playground?  Will they actually stay serious this time and prevent the bums from taking over again?  And will they ever rebuild the children’s play structure they ripped down after the druggies took it over?


2 thoughts on “Kamamalu drug bums FINALLY evicted?

  1. FYI- they NEVER hosed down the pavilion at ANY time. Every 2nd Saturday, members of the Pacific Club volunteer their time along with a few C&C maintenance workers in a joint effort to “tidy up” the park. They would walk around and use their long, tong-like contraptions to pick up random debris, grass clippings, etc.. While at the same time hoping to find the occasional syringe or some other illegal paraphernalia to incriminate the entire group for the ignorant disregard of but one individual. I admit that yes, from the public’s standpoint, the situation at the Kamamalu Playground (visually) is less than acceptable and maybe even deplorable; however, speaking as one who has literally gotten down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors of the pavilion, sanitize both restrooms, & mind you, being hospitalized TWICE for contracting cellulitis (& even almost dying from sepsis as a result of the cellulitis) -as bad as things can get, I don’t think a person should be praised for belittling or degrading another human being for…Trying to survive.
    You can’t blame a person for taking matters into their own hands sometimes -especially if it was a matter of survival… Even if it means breaking the law.
    If YOU were outdoors and it was pouring rain or if it were the hottest day of the year and the sun is blaring on YOUR skin, what would YOU do? Knowing that there was a structure convenient..a supposed “public” place..
    Well, I know what I would do..what I HAVE done..and that would be to seek refuge in that public place.
    …Too bad it’s only a “public” place _if you’re not homeless.
    Personally, I have never prevented anyone from making use of the facilities..because it’s intended for the “Public”.
    I feel it’s unfortunate that I get discriminated against and criminalized for merely existing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but once you cast judgement, things went from “voicing opinions” to “talking shit”
    Society to me is flawed, to say the least. It needs to be fixed, but we keep impeding the process with hypocrisy & immature thinking. Am I the only one who was raised to mind my manners & to not judge someone else for whatever reason (especially since it could happen to you)?
    I hope to better things for myself, & I know that I will. Sincerely, I apologize for all my contribution to the demise of this beautiful place. I’m sorry that I can’t promise to not make any future contributions to further ruin anything else. I’m just trying to survive and at the same time keep my dignity.
    If I offended anyone, I’m sorry. I mean no disrespect. My day to day life is hard dammit. I know that most of which are my own doing. I already have to deal with that fact everyday..but then to rub your generalized negative opinions in our face & to top it off with affirmative action i. e. sweeps and harassment by law enforcement or even city workers, or better yet, an abrupt closure of several public parks (without any advance notice) lasting for nearly 2months, and things of that nature…
    It’s like adding insult to injury. We’re obviously already down..you guys really gotta kick us too?
    Somewhere along the way I started to feel bullied. I know I’m not the only one. I am however probably one of the only ones to have taken the time to put into words just some of my thoughts..to hopefully SHED SOME LIGHT on this topic from a different, less comfortable, more affected side of the story.


    1. That park has been in terrible condition and the drug use and other criminal activity has been absolutely blatant there for a long time. Hopefully it will not return once the park renovations are complete and the restrooms are reopened.


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