Kamamalu drug bums FINALLY evicted?

Kamamalu 6

It looks like authorities may finally be getting serious about clearing the drug bums, hookers, and squatters out of poor Kamamalu Playground near Royal Elementary School.

They’ve removed the entrenched colony from the restroom building and encircled it with one of those orange temporary fences.  That’s pretty smart, because before they just hosed it down and let the bums move right back in with all their crap.

Authorities also even removed the multiple tents and hovels from the park grounds along Queen Emma Street.

The action appears to have actually been coordinated with the big state push to clear squatter encampments from the H-1 freeway and Nimitz Highway corridors.

Three questions:  Why the hell did it take so long to get serious about Kamamalu Playground?  Will they actually stay serious this time and prevent the bums from taking over again?  And will they ever rebuild the children’s play structure they ripped down after the druggies took it over?


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