Failed government FINALLY to address deplorable Aiea bike path mess

Blaisdell 5

So it turns out that the Easter Bunny is not the authority in charge of law enforcement at Blaisdell Park and along the Pearl Harbor Bike Path, which have been totally out of control and overrun by squatters and meth heads for years and years and years.

The city is actually responsible for a city park, and for the city-sponsored bike path.

Whoda thunk?

And the city is going to actually start enforcing laws there soon.

This comes after the city and the Navy, which owns the narrow strip of land between the bike path and the water, worked out an easement deal.

The lack of that easement was allegedly preventing the city from enforcing laws along the bike path.

For all these years.

Frankly, I just don’t believe that.  And it’s not what the Navy was previously saying.

And if it is true, then our government is even more incompetent and dysfunctional than I ever imagined.

All I know is that the situation in the park and along the bike path has been outrageous for the past five to seven years and was steadily getting even worse.

It’s absolutely absurd that it has taken this long to work out any jurisdictional issues and take meaningful action.

And that speaks to one thing:  Failed leadership.

So if the city does finally clean up this mess, nobody should expect any cheering or clapping.

What’s really deserved is a few good kicks in the keister.

Blaisdell 16


2 thoughts on “Failed government FINALLY to address deplorable Aiea bike path mess

  1. So, the encampment toward the very end of the bike path appears to have been cleared out, although there are a couple of homeless people already starting to move back in. The path behind Aiea Kai down to Homeworld Furniture, however, is now suddenly jam-packed with the homeless! Their belongings form a wall to either side and often block parts of the bike trail, particularly their motorcycles and mopeds, which aren’t allowed to begin with! What is going on — did the city just force people from both ends into the middle? There’s also a giant rat-infested mountain of trash stinking up the place. And what “repairs” did the city make — I don’t see any changes.


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