Will vehicular squatters outfox cops?

The homeless vehicle dwellers parked along Beretania Street near the Japanese Cultural Center in Moiliili haven’t budged since cops finally figured out that they could issue tickets for illegal camping in vehicles, and the question now is whether anything will be done about it.

Will authorities engage the campers and explain to them that their actions are illegal and will not be tolerated, and that alternative forms of shelter are available?

Or will they just shrug again and say “we tried” after making a perfunctory effort by passing out a round of tickets that are sure to be ignored?

The rest of us have to obey traffic laws and register, safety check, and insure our vehicles.  Somehow I doubt the ones in question here are all up to date.

The goal is not to pass out tickets.  The goal should be to clear the streets of junk vehicles and get the occupants into appropriate shelter or transitional housing.

Failing to make a concerted effort to address this situation with consistent outreach and enforcement just reinforces the notion that authorities are not really serious about doing anything.  And that’s why there are still tents up and down Isenberg Street, right around the corner from the vehicular squatters, and why there are druggies and their piles of junk all around the restrooms at Moiliili Neighborhood Park.

Now, authorities are talking about banning all parking there at night and fencing off the restrooms.

So here we go again:  A small group of miscreants refuse to comply with reasonable laws and thumb their noses at authorities, who fail to provide the reasonable and consistent enforcement that is necessary to address the situation, and the “solution” they come up with is to take a little more freedom away from everyone else by removing public parking and restroom privileges.

I’m so tired of this bullshit.

There is a desperate need for real leadership at the state, city, and police department.


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