Filthy conditions are everyone’s problem

Since our society seems content to devolve to the point where shitting in buckets, doorways, bushes, and canals becomes more commonplace and acceptable, we might as well try to get ahead of the curve and consider some of the serious public health problems those conditions can lead to.

I know, I know.  Panicky reaction to foreseeable but ignored crises is favored much, much more than rational preparation and reasonable response to obvious problems.  So perhaps we should try to combine those two approaches a bit.

Take a look at some issues we can look forward to in Honolulu as sanitation continues to deteriorate, and some ways that experienced societies are trying to cope with them:


2 thoughts on “Filthy conditions are everyone’s problem

  1. I blame the shithead Caldwell and the Democratic abomination he represents. Give them a one way ticket to LA or lock their asses up. They don’t want to go to shelters that are governed by rules and drug-free policies. Just wait until the tourists stop coming…let the death spiral ensue.


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