Dog drama update

Vicious dog

One of the six squatter dogs that attacked a jogger along the Nimitz Viaduct is reportedly off to the pound.

It’s unclear why only one of the six was impounded, or whether their owner will face any real sanctions, such as being required to vacate his illegal campsite on government property.

Sorry, but if you can’t keep a roof over your head, you shouldn’t be allowed to keep six dangerous dogs, especially if you can’t keep them from chomping passersby.

And you can’t take over public property either.  Pack your crap and leave.  Now!

Is it really all that complicated?

And what’s keeping the media from doing some reasonable follow-up reporting?  You know, like asking authorities why the hell this situation is being allowed to continue.  Or visiting the site (with a big can of pepper spray on hand) and seeing what the owner has to say, or just seeing if his remaining dogs are even leashed after all this.  Or questioning whether he is properly caring for the animals.  Or asking other joggers how they feel about all this.  Or looking at the conditions along the jogging path.  Or asking if there are any plans to make it any safer.

It that really so difficult?

Is it really any wonder that nothing changes?



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