Vicious vagrant dogs attack again while authorities sit on their thumbs and mumble

Vicious dog.jpg

Once again, vicious dogs that belong to squatters illegally camped around the Nimitz Viaduct have attacked a passerby and caused serious injury.

And, once again, virtually nothing is being done about it.  The squatter was “cited for failing to control a dangerous dog.”  And that’s it.

The dangerous unleashed dogs were not removed, nor was the squatter.

And once again, there is the typical silly bullshit about authorities not knowing who has jurisdiction or what can be done.

Do we really have to wait until vicious squatter dogs kill a child or senior citizen before anyone takes action?

In a rational world, those dogs would have been impounded immediately and the squatter-owner would have been unceremoniously instructed to pack his shit and leave, and to not come back there again — ever.

But instead, as usual, authorities only do the bare minimum of issuing a citation that will probably just be ignored, then leaving the trespassing “camper” and his vicious unleashed dogs to carry on and have a nice day until the next victim comes along.

Typical mind-boggling neglect and incompetence that exacerbate the out-of-control homelessness crisis and leave ordinary citizens with no faith in, or respect for, the dopey authorities for which their taxes pay.

This is such an appalling lack of leadership and common sense.


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