Bums Take Over Iwilei While Authorities Hide

Nimitz 2
Nimitz Highway was a mess one year ago and it’s even worse now.  “Officials didn’t respond to requests for comment on the situation.”

The much-ballyhooed expansion of the “sit-lie” ban to Iwilei and Kalihi has quickly turned into a full-blown fiasco while authorities dither and hide from legitimate questions.

Yes, a full decade into the worst homeless crisis Hawaii has ever seen, this is the kind of “leadership” we get.


Mayor Caldwell staged a big announcement on May 11 and signed into law an ordinance that expanded the controversial ban on drugged-out bums sprawling across sidewalks and blocking pedestrians during daylight hours.

The ordinance added Iwilei and Kalihi to the list of neighborhoods already covered by the ban, which include Waikiki and parts of Downtown and Chinatown.

Caldwell announced the ban in Iwilei, where bums and squatters have long commandeered the public sidewalks to erect tents, shacks, and piles of crap pilfered from rubbish bins.

Incredibly, none of the media people thought to ask Caldwell what the hell is going on with the fancy “state-of-the-art homeless center” for Iwilei that he announced nearly one year ago while he was running for reelection amid sharp criticism about the escalating homeless crisis.

And now, a couple weeks later, the squatters have simply moved around the corner to Nimitz Highway in front of the Lowe’s home improvement store and to a nearby traffic island.

Social workers have visited the colonists, but most are drugged out and say they don’t want any help, according to a recent TV report.

And the same old predictable bullshit about “those sidewalks are state property, not city property,” continues, along with the same old questions about who can or should enforce existing laws against taking over public sidewalks and totally blocking the access of pedestrians and disabled people, not to mention openly abusing illegal drugs and dumping buckets of piss and shit down storm drains and all the other lovely nonsense that accompanies the squatter colonies.

It’s just incredible that they still can’t coordinate any better than this.

“Officials didn’t respond to requests for comment on the situation.”

So where the hell is the mayor now?

Most of the media are simply oblivious to the fiasco, and the one TV station that reported on it still didn’t have enough sense to mention the planned Iwilei shelter, which is supposed to open right around the corner some day, much less take a look at its status.

Is it any wonder that Oahu is on this endless homeless go ’round?


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