Homelessness is still totally out of control in Honolulu. Don’t come here! It’s just not safe.

A homeless lunatic just beat an 80-year-old woman to within an inch of her life in downtown Honolulu, for no reason at all.

Yes, it has really gotten that bad.

Don’t come here.  It’s just not safe.

Meanwhile, people fret about the pending dispersal of a dangerous homeless encampment in Iwilei, and worry the problems will simply be driven into neighboring areas.

But nobody sees fit to ask about the status of the elaborate new “state-of-the-art” homeless center for Iwilei that Mayor Caldwell announced ten months ago during his reelection campaign and has never mentioned since.


Is it really any wonder that nothing changes?


4 thoughts on “Homelessness is still totally out of control in Honolulu. Don’t come here! It’s just not safe.

  1. How can they pat themselves on the back based on fake numbers on the same day that a homeless brushfire rages on Waahila Ridge


  2. They need to be taken out of Hawaii! Like how Trump wants the illegal immigrants taken out of the United States! I have no sympathy for them at all and have and will never give them any money cause food banks already give them free food! I’m worried about even walking around that area or having my family walking in the downtown area cause of these homeless bums. The governor needs to do a better job in his policies on the homeless!


    1. Well, I sure understand your frustration because there certainly is an enormous problem that government has failed to adequately address. But I think we all should have some compassion, especially for the mentally ill and others who simply aren’t capable of lifting themselves out of abject poverty. As for the surly druggies and flat-out bums….. That’s another story.


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