Should they just tear down the palace too?


The Civil Beat news site has an interesting article today about poor Kamalii Park in downtown Honolulu, which has been overrun by bums and druggies for a long, long time.

The article also discusses nearby Kamamalu Playground, which has long suffered from similar issues.

Authorities and volunteers have been working hard to clean up the notoriously bad conditions around the restrooms and childrens’ play structure, which kids haven’t been able to use for years because vagrants seized control of it to sleep on and hang their soggy clothes.

Kamamalu 10

Kamamalu 1

So rather than enforce some reasonable standards to keep the playground safe for kids, authorities simply tore down the play structure, according to the article.

That’s straight out of the “destroy the village in order to save it” school of thought, but it’s really not a surprise.

How many times have we seen this scenario?  Rowdy idiots trash a lovely beach, so authorities close it down to everyone or impose new rules that take away a little more of everyone’s freedom and access to public treasures.

Residents have been complaining about deplorable conditions around the restrooms at Kamamalu Playground for years, and some want the restroom structure demolished since authorities can’t, or won’t, get it under control.

That’s an understandable sentiment, but by that logic they should just tear down beautiful and historic Iolani Palace too.  After all, the palace grounds have tragically been allowed to become a bum park, and I’ve heard that dead bodies have even been discovered there during the past year.

Iolani sleeper 4

Nobody would ever seriously suggest tearing down the palace, of course.  It’s a historic public treasure.  But shouldn’t kids have the right to safely enjoy playground equipment in a public PLAYGROUND that’s right across the street from an elementary school?  Shouldn’t they have the right to the treasure of childhood?

And shouldn’t anyone be able to safely use the public restroom there without fear of the drug-addled lowlifes constantly lurking around and blocking access?

Kamamalu 4.4

When authorities surrender to those who refuse to behave in reasonable ways, and respond by eliminating freedoms and conveniences that should be enjoyed by everyone who’s willing to abide by commonsense standards, our entire society loses.


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