Homeless mess still wrecking Kakaako

Kakaako Waterfront Park tents 2.2

The squatter encampments and related activities around Kakaako Waterfront Park and nearby streets continue to take their toll on the Children’s Discovery Center.

Not only that, but vagrants have vandalized light poles to illegally tap into electricity wires, putting children and other park-users at risk.

It’s outrageous that authorities ever let these problems get so bad there in the first place and continue for so long.  They ignored the growing encampment until it ballooned into a third world shantytown of hundreds of people, including lots of kids.  Even then, they did nothing until some of the “campers” beat the crap out of a state lawmaker and drew intense public scrutiny.

Now authorities can’t dig their way out of this hole, and it will probably just get worse after the upcoming mayoral election is finished and routine neglect settles back in.

I feel so bad for the children’s center director.  If she publicly complains and receives media coverage, more people will be scared away from bringing their kids to the center.  If she just keeps quiet, authorities won’t do anything to address the problems.

She shouldn’t have to publicly raise these concerns.  Authorities should be well aware of the problems and address them effectively, not just make token efforts and wait for things to reach crisis levels again.

Much of the behavior that Kakaako’s homeless “campers” have engaged in is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated.  Being homeless is not a license to commit crimes, vandalize property, and trash neighborhoods.

And it’s just disgusting that our leaders can’t get their act together and put a stop to this nonsense.


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