Uncertain future for Ala Moana Park?

Ala Moana 12

Ala Moana Park has some problems.  Everybody knows that.   We’ve been hearing a lot about planned improvements, including new security personnel.

The City and County of Honolulu has begun planting 44 new trees in the park along Ala Moana Boulevard.

New trees are great, but other park plans are controversial, such as removing parking stalls near the beach as part of a “huge makeover.

All these changes are being proposed as fancy new condominiums, restaurants, and shops are being built right across the street.

Has Ala Moana Park been allowed to deteriorate so that there will be less resistance to redeveloping it as a playground for the new rich neighbors?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe a little of both.

Ala Moana 51.jpg

But it’s clear that the park and the surrounding area have deteriorated badly.  The ridiculous situation on nearby “Vagrant Island” had become symbolic of the growing chasm that separates Honolulu’s rich and poor, and the failure of authorities to improve that situation or even remove the vagrants and trash from the traffic island.

Ala Moana 14.jpg

Ala Moana 13.jpg

Authorities eventually persuaded the occupants to relocate, but it’s unclear whether that will last.  They simply came back when asked to move before.

Ala Moana 27.jpg

Meanwhile, homeless people and other illegal campers are spread all around the park itself, and authorities can’t seem to consistently enforce rules closing the park to everyone after 10 p.m.

Ala Moana 30.jpg

It sure seems like the problems have become worse as authorities crack down in nearby Waikiki.

Ala Moana 29.jpg

Ala Moana 40.jpg

Ala Moana 8.jpg

Ala Moana 50.jpg

So for now, Ala Moana Park has an uneasy mix of recreational users and hard-core homeless, including some serious druggies.

Ala Moana 2.jpg

And authorities just can’t get their act together on the outrageous potholes in the park.

Ala Moana potholes 2.jpg

Has Ala Moana Park been allowed to deteriorate?  You be the judge.

Will the new plans make the park better?  It’s really hard to tell, and it may very well depend on who you are and what you consider “better.”



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