Ala Moana Park’s secretive ‘Mushroom People,’ an urban jungle mystery

Ala Moana 22.jpg

They gather beneath a tattered brown awning near a majestic banyan tree behind the canoe halau in Ala Moana Beach Park, close to Ala Moana Boulevard.

Their bizarre dwelling resembles a giant brown mushroom.  Sometimes it disappears for a short time, only to pop up again in the same place.

They are the Mushroom People of Ala Moana Park.  But just what are they up to?

Ala Moana 23.jpg

The Mushroom People travel by bicycle, and surround themselves with an assortment of bikes and bike carcasses.  Sometimes a Mushroom inhabitant will place a phone call, pedal away furiously, and return a short time later, then disappear again.

Ala Moana 1.jpgThere’s a bit of excitement and furtive movement in the Mushroom as hands reach into a backpack to retrieve a blue plastic cigarette lighter.

Ala Moana 7.jpg

Then another set of hands produces what appears to be a small glass pipe stained grey by prior use.

Ala Moana 5.jpg

Ala Moana 6.jpg

Then all hands and faces move upward and out of sight as the Mushroom People begin their strange and secretive ritual under their giant ‘shroom.

What could this ritual entail?

It’s just one of the unsolved mysteries of the Ala Moana urban jungle.

Ala Moana 8.jpgAnother jungle mystery: What caused these strange craters in the terrain?  Was it an ancient meteor shower?  A massive earthquake?  Cannon fire?  Droppings of giant pterodactyls?  Are they evidence of a lost civilization?

Ala Moana potholes 4

Theories abound, but nobody seems to know for sure.

The mysteries of the urban jungle endure.





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