McCoy Pavilion has become Ala Moana Park homeless shelter

Ala Moana 35.jpg

It’s a shame that the City and County of Honolulu has allowed the McCoy Pavilion in Ala Moana Beach Park to become the functional equivalent of a homeless shelter.

Ala Moana 36.jpg

Yes, many people do need a safe place to lay their heads and get back on their feet.  But the “Crown Jewel” of our public park system should not be that place, and certainly not a public facility that is used for meetings and special events.  Especially since it includes no services or other incentives to actually do more than subsist by foraging through trash cans for food or recycling for a pittance.

Ala Moana 10.jpg

The current inhabitants don’t even seem to make any effort to keep things tidy, but just pile up crap all over the place and leave trash for somebody else to deal with.  Allowing this to continue does not help the homeless, and certainly does not make the park welcoming to recreational users, such as the taxpayers who are footing the bills.

Ala Moana 9.jpg

This is serious neglect and mismanagement of our park system and it should stop immediately.

Ala Moana potholes 1.1.jpg

And these potholes are out of control.  This is ridiculous.









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