Homeless man mauled to death by dogs, quickly forgotten

It’s very, very disturbing that a homeless man could be mauled to death in Honolulu by vicious dogs.  It’s even more disturbing that nobody seems to care.

According to news reports, Crisencio Aliado, 52, was washing some clothes in a Kalihi stream when the dogs escaped from a nearby business and attacked him.

His badly-chomped body was discovered later.

A friend described the victim as “the most mild-mannered person you could meet.  Didn’t bother nobody.  Just that he was homeless.”

And that’s pretty much where things ended.  The owners even got their dogs back. 

Something tells me that the public response would have been a lot different if a mild-mannered homeowner from Portlock or Hawaii Kai, or an old woman or child, were mauled to death by dogs.

Is the horrible death of a man who happened to be homeless really so different?


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