Hawaii to open rent voucher wait list

Kakaako Makai Park 5

Get ’em while they’re hot.  Or at least being prepped.

This Tuesday, August 16, the State of Hawaii will open up its waiting list for Section 8 subsidized housing for the first time in ten years.  Applications will be accepted for three days only.

The state expects to receive roughly about 12,000 applications in those three days, but will only have about 50 of its coveted Section 8 rent vouchers available over the next month or so.

It’s unclear when any more will be available.

About 1,000 Hawaii landlords participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, through which needy tenants receive rent vouchers worth an average of $1,000 each.  The vouchers help pay rent for privately owned homes and apartments.

The Hawaii Public Housing Authority will accept voucher applications from homeless individuals and families, domestic violence victims, and families that have been “involuntarily displaced.”  I think that means “evicted,” but it could also mean displaced by a fire or other emergency.

No more applications are being accepted for government-owned subsidized housing.  Nearly 20,000 people are already on that waiting list.

Section 8 applications are available here.




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