Kamamalu Playground gets even worse

It’s hard to believe, but the outrageous mess at Kamamalu Playground on Queen Emma Street just keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse.

Kamamalu 6.jpg

The other day, I wrote about what a shame it was that authorities have allowed the squalor that has wrecked the restroom area to spread to a pedestrian bridge that connects the park with Royal School elementary, and bemoaned the fact that kids can’t even use the playground equipment because the bums hang their clothes all over it and make the whole area feel very unsafe.

Kamamalu 10.JPG

Some parents quickly informed me that it’s really much worse than that, and they’re right.

The vagrants have actually taken over the childrens’ play structure and started sleeping there.  I thought maybe this was an exaggeration, so I went and checked.  It’s absolutely true.

Kamamalu 1.jpg

Kamamalu 4.jpg

Kamamalu 13.JPG

Kamamalu 14.JPG

It’s actually been going on for a long time, and nobody has done anything about it.

Kamamalu 12.JPG

This is such a civic disgrace!

Where the hell is the mayor?




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