Kamamalu Playground homeless fiasco

Overpass 6.jpg

I had really hoped that authorities would come to their senses sooner or later and get a handle on the out-of-control situation at Kamamalu Playground, especially now that school has started.

Instead, they’ve foolishly allowed things to get much worse.

The shady characters who have taken over the restroom area for years and installed tents and amassed piles of stuff have now taken over the space beneath the base of the pedestrian overpass by the ball field, which leads across Queen Emma Street to Royal School elementary, and have even started installing tents on the bridge itself.

Overpass 12.jpg

Overpass 19.JPG

Overpass 2.jpg

This kind of neglect is just outrageous and inexcusable.

This park is surrounded by the Nuuanu YMCA, Royal School, and Central Intermediate School, and the swanky Pacific Club is right across the street too.  City Hall is just a couple blocks away.


It’s simply mind-boggling that Mayor Caldwell has turned his back on this community and shirked all responsibility for the appalling deterioration of this public park.

Overpass 9.jpg

These aren’t all just poor people with no place to go.  There is serious illegal drug activity going on here, and it’s just not safe for children or anyone else.  Kids can’t even use the playground equipment because the druggies are hanging around and even drying their clothes on it.

Kamamalu 7.2One would expect that, even if only for naked political self-interest to shore up his badly trailing bid for re-election, Caldwell would be smart enough to do something about all this.

Apparently not.


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