Kakaako shelter to open someday

Kakaako mess

The long-delayed homeless shelter planned for Kakaako Waterfront Park is now expected to be open in late September and accommodate 240 people, the newspaper reports.

Hopefully, the new guests will include the members of the growing homeless encampment that has sprouted in plain sight just outside the incomplete shelter, which the newspaper failed to discover.

Kakaako Waterfront Park tents 2.2.JPG



This encampment took root when authorities finally shut down the enormous tent cities that had taken over two other parks just a few steps away.

Kakaako Makai Park 1

Opening the new shelter has been delayed for six months because of sewage pump problems, despite the State of Emergency declaration over homelessness, and the plan had become something of a mystery.

The new shelter will concentrate on transitioning homeless families into real housing, which sounds like a very good plan.

It won’t kick the guests out during the daytime like the massive Next Step shelter around the corner, which is the main factor that turned all the nearby parks and sidewalks into out-of-control shantytowns until some residents caused an uproar by beating up a state legislator and engaging in other spirited high jinks.

The Next Step shelter opened “temporarily” ten years ago.  The new shelter is “scheduled the operate for two years,” the newspaper reports.

Kakaako park map 2 copy

The next question is whether officials will ever manage to fix the gaping pothole in the roadway that vehicles use to access the park and the new shelter.

Kakaako pothole 2



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