‘No local address.’ Crazed vagrants unleash mayhem

A ranting homeless lunatic allegedly stabbed a good Samaritan to death in Kapiolani Park the other day after the victim tried to defuse a confrontation between the loon and a hapless bystander.

Another vagrant attacked a bus driver in Kakaako on Monday and fortunately was arrested.

And a real idiot from “no permanent address” on Oahu got five years in the pokey for busting six feet off Kamehameha’s spear on the Big Island.  What is it with these nuts who desecrate historic Hawaiian monuments?

Yes, I know that most criminals are housed so it’s unfair to single out homeless people for attention.  And it’s not nice to refer to the mentally challenged as lunatics.  But we’ve all run into a ranting homeless nut at one time or another and it can be really, really scary.

For good reason.

We need to do a much better job recognizing and responding to mental illness, especially among the un-housed and unhinged.





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