Rickety shack confounds authorities

A dangerous and decrepit squatter shack that was among the tons of debris from illegal encampments washed loose by Tropical Storm Darby is beached at Keehi Lagoon and officials can’t figure out what to do about it.

This is so typical, and so ridiculous.

The shack was totally illegal to begin with, it is obviously not seaworthy, and it can’t remain on a public beach.

But authorities make the usual excuses about confused jurisdiction and fear of lawsuits to avoid taking action.  Pathetic.

According to the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, “The beach park is not under State jurisdiction. Beginning in 1953 a series of Executive Orders (EO’s) transferred control of Keehi Lagoon Beach Park and its nearshore waters from the State to the City and County of Honolulu.

According to the City, well, not a peep.


Meanwhile, canoe paddlers continue to clean up the mess the best they can, despite the government’s lack of leadership and abdication of responsibility.

These problems have been allowed to fester for a long time.



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