Gov’s homeless plan lacks details

Iolani sleeper 8

Governor David Ige’s plan to end homelessness in Hawaii by 2020  sounds good, but maybe a little too good.  Especially since it lacks any real implementation schedule or other basic details.

The governor pledged to build 10,000 affordable housing units but none of the news people who repeated his words saw fit to ask him when any actual construction is going to begin, who’s going to own the housing, who’s going to manage it, where it might be located, or any other very obvious questions.  And Ige didn’t offer any of those details, except in very superficial terms.

Talking about a plan is nice, but having a real plan is even better.  This plan seems to assume that Ige will be re-elected in 2018, since it doesn’t really promise anything before then.  By 2020, it wouldn’t really matter if the plan has any substance, since if re-elected he would in 2020 be entering the final two years of his second and final term as governor.  He couldn’t run for re-election in 2022, so there would be no way to hold him accountable by, say, rejecting him.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before.  Why does anybody still fall for it?

Amazingly, the news people didn’t even bother to ask what’s really going on with the “Family Assessment Center” in Kakaako, the new shelter-plus that was supposed to be open about five months ago following Ige’s declaration of a State of Emergency, but has been stuck in some kind of secret limbo.  Ige said the center would receive $1.4 million.  He didn’t say when it would actually open or what it’s current status is, and nobody even bothered to ask.

Is it really any wonder we’re in the mess we’re in?

Kakaako mess


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