Kalihi homeless center plan seems dead

Down and out

A big part of the public’s growing frustration about the city government’s stilted approach to addressing the worsening homelessness crisis is the way officials lurch from plan to plan and leave everyone guessing.

Back in February, it was big news that the City Council wanted to turn the Blood Bank building on Dillingham Boulevard in Kalihi into a new homeless hygiene and navigation center.

The council member who represents the neighborhood was all for the plan.  But the Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board drafted a resolution in opposition, arguing that “Kalihi is not an appropriate place for a homeless center since its immediate surrounding area contains a park, schools, small businesses, and other commercial establishments.”

And “POOF,” the whole plan seems to have quietly evaporated.  Nobody talks about it anymore, even to say “We have reconsidered the plan and decided against it” or whatever.

Are they all just playing games or what?



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