State taxpayers to bail out nonprofits

The newspaper reported that Governor David Ige has awarded more than $600,000 to a group of nonprofit agencies that help the homeless and drug addicts, after the federal government changed its priorities and cut off their money.

The state funds will act as a “bridge” until February, when yet another pot of state funds will become available.

The feds want federal taxpayer money to pay for permanent supportive housing rather than the transitional housing these nonprofits help with.

The nonprofits are ecstatic that they got the state money.  Absent from this discussion is any requirement by the governor that the nonprofits come up with a plan to provide permanent supportive housing and qualify for federal funds again, or at least try to come up with a plan to raise money from sources other than state taxpayers.  Why am I not surprised?

Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that one nonprofit client got an “uneasy feeling” about the potential loss in funding, which “caused him to use crystal meth again for the first time in 15 months.”

Yes, addiction is a terrible disease and people really struggle with it, but do we really need to accept that sort of nonsense at face value?



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