Kakaako shelter mystery continues

Kakaako Makai Park 1

Authorities have booted illegal campers from two Kakaako parks, workers have quitely resumed work on a maintenance shed that the governor promised to convert into a new homeless shelter on an emergency basis, which was supposed to be ready months ago, but nobody is saying when anything will be finished, and nobody else seems to be asking.

In the meantime, many of the campers are digging in at Kakaako Waterfront Park, just outside the maintenance shed/new shelter.

Kakaako mess.jpg

And authorities haven’t managed to clean up the rubbish area or repair the monster pothole that jolts every car that drives into the park from Cooke Street, which would take a couple hundred bucks and two guys with shovels to fix at least on a temporary basis.

Kakaako pothole 2.jpg

This is inexcusable neglect and incompetence.  It’s just crazy that our leaders have allowed things to deteriorate to this extent and can’t be transparent about their plans.


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