Veto of vacation rental bill makes sense

Governor David Ige’s decision to veto a bill that critics said would facilitate the illegal short-term rental of homes and apartments as vacation dwellings seems to make lots of sense.

Making it easier for owners to rent illegally to short-term vacationers would just encourage more landlords to remove dwellings from the market of housing that’s available for people to actually live in.  That would be inexcusable in today’s outrageous housing crunch and homelessness crisis.

The bill’s backers said it would have brought millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state.  That may be true, but taxpayers would pay for exacerbated homelessness in many other ways.

Besides, nobody should be illegally renting vacation units to begin with.  The failure to enforce the laws against that kind of thing is a serious issue that still needs to be resolved.  No more excuses!


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