Honolulu fails to respect the disabled


Like an awful lot of other older people, my mobility is limited these days.  That’s just one reason it drives me up the wall when I see street people dangerously obstruct public walkways with tents, shacks, carts, and piles of junk.  The other reason is that authorities allow this nonsense to go on and on and on.

Most people I know have lots of compassion for the homeless who are truly destitute, and especially for those who really want to turn their lives around.

But being homeless does not magically allow you to take over parks and sidewalks and block them off from everyone else, and to make it dangerous or impossible for the disabled to just pass by.

Situations like the one in this picture shouldn’t be allowed to continue for ten minutes, but they just go on and on and on because our leaders are constantly failing us in so many ways.

I’m just so tired of this neglect and nonsense.  It has to change.


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