Honolulu’s mind-boggling neglect

Ala Moana Center.JPG

It’s just amazing that scenes like this are so common today in Honolulu.

Allowing anyone to construct a crude shelter on a traffic island in the middle of one of our busiest thoroughfares is dangerous and ridiculous.  Dangerous to whoever is in the shelter, dangerous to pedestrians who have to maneuver around it, and a dangerous distraction to drivers.  Situations like this are completely unreasonable and should be addressed within minutes.

Yet these problems go on and on as our officials make excuses or just pretend the problems aren’t there.  And when others see that reasonable enforcement is lacking, they get the message that “anything goes.”  The results speak for themselves.

Ten years after the first “state of emergency” for homelessness was declared, Honolulu has simply got to get its act together to provide decent living space for people who need it and to stop allowing this kind of dangerous nonsense.


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