Playing politics with homelessness

Big Boy

It all seems so obvious now that I feel foolish for not figuring it out sooner.

It seemed so strange that the Mayor announced the “grand opening” of the Sand Island homeless “navigation center” called Hale Mauliola about seven months after it actually opened and long after it became fully operational.

I figured he just wanted to proclaim it a success and use it to bolster his sagging re-election campaign.

But that was only the first shoe.  The other shoe dropped just a couple days later when the annual “Point in Time” count was released and showed that homelessness has increased on Oahu every year since the mayor was elected, and that the number of unsheltered homeless people on Oahu has increased substantially over the past year.

So now I get it.  The mayor knew the count was coming out in a few days and wanted to declare his efforts successful in order to blunt the impact of the bad news that would come out when the count was released.  Very sneaky, but now so obvious.

I’ll be so much more skeptical from now on.



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