Homelessness and loss of dignity

Droopy 2.jpg

A disheveled man clutches his meager belongings in a shopping bag and gazes longingly into a shop window filled with food, oblivious to passersby and the fact that his soiled pants have slipped to his knees.

A frazzled woman with wild hair scours the gutter for cigarette butts, then roots through a rubbish bin and takes a bite from somebody’s leftovers before moving on to another bin down the street while traffic-jammed commuters gawk in disgust at her exposed rear end.

Rear view 4.jpg

These daily indignities and loss of control and perspective are all around us as more people fall into drug addiction, mental illness, poverty, depression, homelessness, squalor, and misery.

This can’t go on.  It just can’t.  Honolulu can do so much better than this.


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