Kamamalu Playground a dangerous mess

Kamamalu 1.jpg

With the election less than two months away, Mayor Caldwell has been talking up his efforts to improve our public parks and combat vandalism.

That’s fine for the parks in Kaimuki and other neighborhoods that are getting attention.  But one of the parks that’s closest to City Hall stands out as an abject failure of this administration to get our public properties under control.  Kamamalu Playground is a mess.  More specifically, the restroom area is totally out of control and has been for a long time.  It’s a permanent homeless camp and much worse.  An unsafe zone.

Kamamalu 2.2.jpg

It’s so bad that neighbors are begging the city to just tear down the restroom since they have no hope that authorities will ever get their act together and stamp out the drug and prostitution activity that they say plagues the structure.  At least one sex assault suspect has been arrested hanging out  there.

This park is not in the “middle of nowhere” like the terminal of the screwed up rail transit project.  It’s surrounded by the Lunalilo Freeway, the Nuuanu YMCA, Central Middle School, and Royal School, a historic elementary school.  And by the derelicts and druggies who have taken it over and completely blocked access to anyone needing to actually use the facilities.

Kamamalu 5.2.jpg

Would you feel comfortable sending your elementary school-age child into this place?

No wonder nobody ever uses the forlorn playground equipment.

Kamamalu 4.jpg

Kamamalu 4.4

Kamamalu 7.jpg

Kamamalu 7.2


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