Atheists to visit Waianae homeless

A group called Atheists Helping the Homeless Hawaii has announced that it will visit the Waianae Boat Harbor homeless village tomorrow (Sunday, June 26, 2016) at 1 pm to distribute free supplies.

The Hawaii chapter is part of a larger mainland group that lists its goals as:

“1 To help some folks in need. 2 To show by example that Atheists do care and do help. 3 To have fun. Since September of 2009, Atheists Helping the Homeless has helped thousands of people with monthly giveaways of free toiletries, food, clothing, reading material, and more, without preaching Atheism and without discrimination.”

More information on Facebook.

The Waianae Boat Harbor village has attracted some media attention the past couple years, and authorities aren’t quite sure what to do about it.  The people who live in this unofficial but clearly tolerated “safe zone” have their own views and don’t necessarily want any government assistance.



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