‘Homeless emergency!’ Let’s take a nap.

Iolani sleeper 6Our governor just declared, for the fifth time, that there’s a “State of Emergency” regarding homelessness in Hawaii, but it’s getting real hard to understand just what is being done about the emergency.

The governor issued his  first declaration more than eight months ago and promised the “rapid construction” of a new homeless shelter after authorities already broke down the huge squatter village they had allowed to be built in Kakaako.

But the new shelter has not been built, the state can’t even figure out how to retrofit a big maintenance shed that’s already there, and nobody seems to know what the hell is going on.  Other than that complex problems are not being solved, and won’t be “overnight.”

And at least some Kakaako residents really don’t seem to mind.

Kakaako toughies

This whole “declaration of emergency” for homelessness thing has actually been going on for nearly ten years!

The first declaration resulted in the “temporary” creation of the big “Next Step” homeless shelter in Kakaako.  It’s still there ten years later, along with the enormous homeless problem a short walk away.  Something’s not working.

The news people don’t even seem to care much anymore about the constant emergency declarations, and barely reported the latest one without providing any updates on what’s actually happening.

Or not happening.

The Kakaako crowd might as well just go back to sleep.

Crotch grabber.jpg

The New Honolulu.  Should we just get used to it?




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