Screwed up rail project will increase homelessness


Kakaako Makai Park 2.2.jpg

Honolulu’s epic screw ups on the big rail mass transit project will have a terrible impact on homelessness because much of the new affordable housing that’s needed and planned along the rail route probably just won’t get built now that the route has been shortened to end at Middle Street.

That’s the long and short of a recent TV news report.  One expert said most of the new housing that does get built in the Kakaako area will likely be luxury condominiums, which obviously won’t provide any housing for those who need it most.

Since officials can’t even get their act together to open an existing maintenance shed as a promised homeless shelter, or say what their alternative plan is, Kakaako is shaping up to be one of Hawaii’s most economically polarized neighborhoods where wealth and poverty are obscenely contrasted.  Actually, that’s what it already is.

Mayor Caldwell said the situation is not really that bad because the city may “find the money” to resolve the fiasco and complete the rail project.  He didn’t say where the money is hiding.

Is this the future of Makai Gateway Park?  It’s getting there.

Slum 1


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