Aiea tent city explodes in plain view while authorities hide

Blaisdell 10.JPG

It started a few years ago with a couple lost souls and down-and-outers seeking refuge along the shoreline, some of them posing as fishermen to avoid scrutiny.

Blaisdell 1.1.jpg

Since then, the squatter camp at Neal S. Blaisdell Park in Aiea has become a full-blown tent city.  And that’s just the part that’s easily seen.

Blaisdell 14.JPG

It can’t be missed by anyone who visits the park or uses the Pearl Harbor Bike Path.
But Government officials seem content to just pretend it’s not there.

There have been some outreach efforts, but they obviously have not been enough.
In the meantime, picnic pavilions have been seized as a dwelling area and shopping carts and piles of junk are permanently parked around the grubby comfort station.
Decent park exercise equipment goes unused.

Blaisdell 16.JPG

And in more secluded locations along the bike path, it’s downright scary.

Even a stabbing and other very sketchy stuff hasn’t seemed to wake up the authorities, because it’s only gotten worse since then.

And, of course, the city can’t or won’t even do anything about the out-of-control potholes on the road into the park. It’s just a mess.

Blaisdell 22.JPG

Is anyone in charge? Is this destined to be the new normal for Honolulu?


3 thoughts on “Aiea tent city explodes in plain view while authorities hide

    1. I use to run the bike path about 18 yrs ago,it was nice then,went for a bike ride for the first time today,I cannot believe what I saw,when I first got to the park I noticed a car engine on the grass of the park,then I noticed all the tents,I cannot believe what I saw,I too think the state looks the other way,I personally think all the homeless should be relocated to sand island park,I know they need somewhere to go. Cmon state wake up!


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