‘It’s past a crisis. … I’m appalled. I’m upset.’


Nimitz 1.JPG

But authorities still dither and do nothing except provide excuses for doing nothing.

That’s about the size of this story in the newspaper, which describes a tense meeting the other night between businesses, neighbors, and various officials regarding the deteriorating squatter situation in Iwilei.

Constantly cleaning up or stepping over human feces was among the main complaints, along with theft and vandalism.  The more responsible of the residentially challenged persons utilize “toilet buckets” and empty them into the nearby storm drains.  Others just crap anywhere and walk away.

City Councilman Joey Manahan was described as advocating the establishment of a free toilet and washing center nearby, along with a tent city where people could camp out legally.

Those ideas may have some merit, but they cannot become just another excuse to avoid taking more substantial action:  providing more transitional and long-term affordable housing, enforcing laws, and making it unacceptable for anyone to seize control of public property and trash the neighborhood for everyone else while authorities sit on their thumbs and make excuses.

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Nimitz blocked



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