What’s the plan for Oahu’s future?

Slum 1.jpeg

This better not be it.

The newspaper has a fabulous editorial today that sharply criticizes the current lack of cohesion and direction regarding solutions to the ongoing homelessness crisis.

These are the most important points:

“It would be difficult to convince residents that real progress is being made to reduce homelessness when more makeshift tents are cropping up in parks and along sidewalks in Kakaako and Iwilei.”

Hawaii residents “deserve a lasting, comprehensive plan of action on homelessness from government officials — city, state and federal — and so far none has been offered.”

That’s it in a nutshell.  There still is no real plan to address this growing nightmare.

The editorial does complement the good folks at Aloha United Way for using state funding to help prevent homelessness, which is critical to preventing this tragedy from growing further out of control.

But the editorial also calls into question the Honolulu City Council‘s cockamamie approach of doling out $2 million for each of the nine Council districts with no clear plan for how the money will be spent, and regardless of the specific needs in each district.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t become a pork barrel scam for each Council member to waste money on frivolous projects or buy support from pet nonprofit agencies — or new ones formed by friends and relatives —  by showering them with no-oversight grants and that sort of nonsense.  It wouldn’t be surprising.


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